Heavy duty Plastic moving dolly

1) Crate skate outside dimension refers to contain caster maximum size.

2) Crate skate standard equipped with 2.5 inch caster wheel.

3) crate skate efficial working environment temperature -25°C.

4) Crate stake can be stacking,save use space.

5) Crate Skate is rated to a Maximum of 150kgs



The heavy duty Plastic moving dolly is unit mobile logistics equipment, ordinary and conducting class, used for high efficiency and fast logistics turnover.


  • Logistics, manufacturing carrying weapons, can make the production line space to the best of its operation;
  • Plan production, saves the manpower, reduces the cost, so as to achieve high yield, high quality;
  • Product handling mainstream, ensure the safety of personnel and articles during handling process, reliable;
  • With signs, and clear process, flexible operation simple convenient transport.
  • High mobility, structure and beautiful, the surface electrostatic pensu processing, long service life.
  • The specialized design, convenient operation, time and energy.


 Plastic moving dolly  Plastic moving dolly 2 dolly-1 IMG_0296-1 IMG_7046-1


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