Double hand trolley for warehouse,hand cart platform cart

1.Iron cart under heavy load and no-load dumping force is almost the same, convenient handling; With self-locking device

 2, Iron cart, can prevent the transport process turns the situation;

 3, Iron cart bottom made of high strength oil resistant casters, ensure the car pull easily;
4, The bottom is provided with a filter screen and a liquid discharge valve;


Double hand trolley for warehouse, hand Cart Platform Cart

1.Plastic floors of the main material is composed of PP and other polymer materials, environmental protection, light weight, toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non slip design
2.The use of SPCC seamless steel pipe, the thickness of foot 2.0T. Electroplating with three – plating process, high – grade beautiful, durable
3.According to the need to use nylon wheel frame, steel frame
4.The 6201 and 6303 bearing casters ball bearings, precision bearings of the roller power small, good mute effect
5.Casters with natural rubber wheels, abrasion resistance, good elasticity

Double hand trolle hand Cart Platform Cart

Double hand trolle 2


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